It’s Cold! Go shopping!

Madison was snowing few days ago. Even just snowed for a few minutes, this fact still shocked me. It’s October and it’s so cold already?! I only brought one 28-inch traveling case with me which means I didn’t bring many clothes. I thought I can wait until Thanksgiving to buy coats and boots for real winter. But now… I am not sure whether I can survive with so little clothes I have here. I need shopping! Not online shopping since I really want to try the cloth and see if it fits me. And I don’t like waiting. I enjoy putting my cloth on immediately after purchasing it.

I’ve search for information about where can I shop from searching the internet and asking friends. Getting all the outfit you want in one place is good for you extremely in this cold weather. I will recommend some big shopping mall where provide all kinds of goods.  (Tips: Instal “Google Maps” in your cell phone and type the name of the mall into it,  then you will figure out where it is and how to go there.)

For Iphone:

For Android:



1. State Street

Location: State Street, Madison, WI


2. Shops near Target

Location: 750 Hilldale Way, Madison, WI 53705


3. West Towne Mall

Location: 66 W Towne Mall, Madison, WI

Click this link to get more information about West Towne Mall:

4. East Towne Mall

Location: Madison, WI 53704

Click this link to get more information about East Towne Mall:


5. Greenway Station

Location: 1650 Deming Way, Middleton, WI 53562

Click this link to get more information about Greenway Station:


Hope these information are helpful.

Enjoy your weekend!


Ruilin Huang


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